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How many witches, faces green
Will we meet this Halloween?
Or maybe vampires, faces white
Knocking on your door tonight

Then there’s werewolves (facial hair)
Moaning at the moon out there
Monstrous trolls, with stinky breath
Frightening all the kids to death

E.T., aliens, rubber necks
Climbing over peoples decks
Little elves cling tight to dad
Shaking from the scares they’ve had

A skeleton with toothless grin
Trips against a wheelie bin
Hard to know who laughs the most
A goblin or his mate, the ghost

Buckets rattle in the dark
Anxious dogs begin to bark
Parents feigning mock alarm
Watching kids are safe from harm

Sweets run out and “spirits” flag
Eager kids all check their bag
Declare tonight’s the best there’s been
Can’t wait for next years Halloween

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