Why sign off ?

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I’ve been in for six years or so,
And believe me when I say it hasn’t been slow,
I keep being asked when I will quit,
And to settle down and learn how to sit.

Behind a desk? How boring is that?
I like adventure with rifle and pack,
It will be a long time before I put them down,
And that’s when you look at me with a frown.

Every day is different; it’s what I like,
It’s nearly like learning to ride a bike,
A bike that in its learning lasts forever,
But even then sometimes you reach your tether.

Even when you do find that knot,
Tomorrow is always a different cooking pot,
How can I sit with this going on?
And not feel a part of the duty song?

The truth is, civvi life scares me,
Even with the freedom that I sometimes see,
Since sixteen all that I know,
Is “get a haircut!” and how to not to be a crow.

For me and others it will be hard to change,
To no more exercises or shooting down the range,
But even then if we arrive at a civvi job new,
We will always look after you.

Alex Roissetter

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