Why do I feel guilty ?

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Why do I feel guilty?

Why did I survive?

Why did so many friends die?

Why am I still alive?

I have seen terrible things

That I was not meant to see

All the memories of carnage

Will always forever haunt me

War is a terrible thing

Taking soldiers in their prime

War is an abomination to man

For each families loss is a crime

I cry for all lost in conflict

I cry with an aching heart

For families who have lost loved ones

Who are now forever far apart?

The answer came to me

As I was deep in my sorrow

A voice whispered in my ear

In you, there will be a new tomorrow

For through your experiences and pain

You are the ambassador for those who died

You can help to build a future

Remembering all the fallen with pride

Only God has the answer

One day I shall know why

Why the soldiers in this world

Through battle had to die

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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