Whispers of white

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What of the whispers of white
Gloriously ignorant of our plight
To gaze at their majesty up high
Will bring forth a deep lasting sigh

The strong family of cumulus gathering
Towering, filling the sky
Torrents of water strike with an aquatic ring
Parched grass breath a heavy sigh

With these huge columns of cloud
Stand cumulonimbus, tall and proud
Anvil like form, the lightning strikes
Thunder rumbles on hot sweaty nights

In contrast cumulus floats upon the air
Puffy cotton candy and popcorn shapes they share
Altocumulus creates a higher patch work of fluff
Or banded ridges of the fluffy stuff

We now see Cirrus in clear blue sky
Wispy like hair and mares tails so high
Cirrostratus can also be there too
Large formless cloud, with hazy sunshine breaking through

A blanket of cloud gather in some countries
Grey and white, sometimes as low as the trees
Stratus, when found down very low
We call fog, or a white out if mixed with snow

One of the most unusual types
Formed by strong winds over hills
Lenticular saucer like clouds they fill
To create illusions of UFO to some
Thinking galactic visitors have finally come

So the next time you look up to the sky
You don’t have to wonder the how and why
But do enjoy the natural art show
Because most of us take it for granted you know

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