What Now?

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The bombing has stopped and a kind of peace prevails,
Only broken by the sound of screams and wails.
Of people so grief stricken that they can hardly breathe,
But, surely grateful for this fragile reprieve.

For they truly have been living through hell,
Within the sliver of land on which they dwell.
And what do they do now, how do they move on,
When everything they love or own has gone.

But it seems that the world will once again turn away,
And the people of this land will not get their say.
As to how they live their lives, with freedom and peace,
Surely this is their right, at the very least.

We must not forget them, or the injustice that’s been done,
For this is a conflict that has not yet been won.
And if lessons are not learnt from the sins of the past,
How can a peaceful solution be expected to last?

Stella Mortazavi

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