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Today I must pay tribute
To a guy who’s got the lot
Our Garrison Sergeant Major
The famous Billy Mott.

Resplendent in his uniform
He really plays the parts
Bill puts the fear of god in men
And melts the ladies hearts.

He knows the streets of London
Like his own potato patch
In military circles
“The Guv’nor” has no match.

Whether its on Horse Guards
Or at the Albert Hall
No matter what the ceremony
He’s master of them all.

For the Opening of Parliament
And for the Diamond Jubilee
Our hero had it organized
For everyone to see.

A down to earth Welsh Guardsman
Who enjoys a pint of beer
He seen a lot of action
Throughout his long career.

With thirty-three years service
And a splendid reputation
He’s a credit to our regiment
Admired by all the nation

An MBE and OBE
And now an MVO
Our man with the four chevrons
Shows them all the way to go.

Alan Parry-Booth

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