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When catching that smile which played on your face
My hopes ne’er denied of a yearning embrace
You offered at most a cursory glance
As I crossed o’er the floor to ask for a dance

Please take of my hand, was the plea in my heart
Yet what could I say, just where should I start
The warmth of your glow, as I neared by your side
Becalmed me at once, of a quickening stride

No need of sweet words as you turned to enquire
For my face did betray, of a long held desire
You had known me, yet not, as time it did fly
Footprints in snow, as you hurried on by

The first flush of spring did awaken the truth
Deep inside, as we then, came into our youth
I had watched you through Summer when strolling on sand
In the eye of my dreams, I was holding your hand

When the colours of Autumn appeared in your hair
You kicked away leaves in the sun, I was there
Dance with me now, through the seasons gone by
As music from heaven, wafts down from the sky

Holding you close, as we waltz through my mind
Forever in love, with our hearts Valentwined

Richard Gildea

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