“Unloved Soldier.”

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Professional soldier deals in death
As he plies his taught trade, with tainted breath
Through the jungle deep, and foliage green
Where hidden enemy are seldom seen.

The dangers hidden with poisonous snakes
Great care is then needed, each step he takes
His nerves are stretched with every sound
Slightest crack of twig, he goes to ground.

His stomach, it hurts from vile parasites
Each hungry black tick takes massive great bites
His ankles are swollen with constant rain
And he takes pills, to be free of his pain.

A village is found where terrorists hid
Leaving their crumpled plans, for ambush bid
The villagers know, the matter is dire
As angry soldiers begin to fire.

The place is then burnt to make black dead earth
To leave it standing goes against their worth
For villagers that give the enemy aid
Know that with fire and death, they then are paid.

The jungle tour, is nearly at an end
Tempers are snapping before they bend
As they near base camp, they start a slow trot
Then from deep of the jungle, a single shot.

No longer to worry about his health
About his stomach or his dwindling wealth
There is a blue hole through side of his head
The unloved soldier; He now lies dead!

Leslie de la Haye

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