‘Unequal’ (Sheds Its Light)

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Twas day on which the sun chose not to rise
No warmth to share betwixt known living souls
Such darkness o’er the land didst help disguise
As shadows merg’d bereft of single roles
Whilst Brothers form’d in making final stand
I grasp’d my quill (in hope) to here relate
Tho fearful of predicament at hand
In hope of righting wrongs, indeed forfend.
In optimistic frame our minds once dwelt
Advancing in the name of all that’s good
Tis only then, as all said cards are dealt
When claims (in truth) don’t play out as they should
With tables turned, tis we who woe betide
Whilst ravens pick at bones until no more.
For dreams are harboured too on other side
Deemed no less worthy than we hold by right
Perchance mankind hence (pondering my prose)
May heed the words therein (from one who knows)

Richard Gildea

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