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Light is dimming in the forest, humidity hangs in the air like a blanket,
Wind changes direction, gathering momentum and force,
Black thunderclouds scud across the sky,
Leaves are spiralled upwards back into the trees or swept along in gusts of wind,
Suddenly there’s a quiet, it’s as if the forest is holding its breath, the birds have stopped singing, everything is still!

The storm breaks, thunder rolls, bolts of lightning strike the ground as the heavens open, and everything is drenched in the rain!
I wonder where they go all the creatures in the forest?
Birds try to shelter their young in the swaying branches,
The storm is over as quickly as it began, and raindrops are glistening on blades of grass,
Birdsong fills the air and sun kissed eyes awaken,
Nature’s never ending cycle – begins all over again!

Margaret Pedley

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