The Thousand Yard Stare

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A soldier marches to the beat of a drum,
gun held to his chest, war has begun
Comrades surround him, friends will end up dead,
but battle continues……..alone in his head.

Is it luck he requires or the skill to survive,
will he return in a box……or come home alive?

His body may move with the training he learnt,
ignoring the carnage of bodies all burnt
but he is a soldier, a warrior of war,
the blood of the innocent, he has to ignore.

Void of emotion, unable to heal,
the suffering of others……no pain does he feel

Fear has no place in his God forsaken life,
no longer able to feel love for his wife

His mind is now empty of the memories he had,
the good ones have faded…………………..
and been replaced with the bad.

Alexandria Campbell-McFadden

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