The storm has passed

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The storm has passed
Its safe to emerge at last
The Clouds break and boil away
Light beams down spotlighting fields of hay

Dark shadows of clouds chase each other along the floor
Leaving steaming soil in its wake after the downpour
In the streets kids emerge to play and run
As the tarmac steams and shimmers in the summer sun

My soul soars to the sky, basking in the warmth of the day
I wish this moment of inner peace and joy would stay
But the moment passes, whisked away in the breeze
Looking up to the sun I suddenly sneeze

The clouds in the distance now continue to rumble
Sounding like ancient castles starting to crumble
Over yonder someone else is watching in awe
What twenty minutes ago I saw

Thunderstorms are wonderful to feel and see
I am still glad I wasn’t under a tree
But the passing of a storm on a hot summers day
Is just as satisfying, allowing me to continue to play

Chris Duncan

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