The ride of your life

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As with all good rides
It starts with a slow climb, ratchets click
The juddering advance to the skies, hardly slick
As your life develops during childhood years
It starts and stops, full of hopes and fears

Onward your journey to the top
At the crest of the rise a vista is revealed
The potential of life, the chances, nothing is sealed
In awe you can see open options, paths to take
There is a short pause, your choice you make

Then with a lurch of your stomach your off
Down the track, all around a blur of colour and light
As you struggle to achieve what you need, try as you might
Rushing towards you the dip, the low
Have you done enough, will you pass, you don’t know

The next rise is reached quite fast
You have got what you need to take flight
To get to the next stage, to stay in the fight
Again a brief reprieve, on the crest of the ride
Before more tasks and rules you must abide

Before you have chance to settle in
The next drop is upon you, you slide into the fall
Rushing quickly, everything pilling up, are you on the ball
Before you know it, the rise has started, they come thick and fast
The ups and downs of life, memories a distant past

The whole thing doesn’t seem to last
Soon you can see around a few more bends, the end of the ride
No matter how much you are enjoying it, from the end, no one can hide
Your life brief and colourfully full, suddenly comes to a halt
With a judder and a bone jarring jolt

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