The Jonah

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You know Davy he has got no luck, we are starting to call him the Jonah, how’s that I asked, what’s the script with him?
Well let me tell you, you know the first drogue bombing that we had and the RUC hot spur got totalled, Ye I remember that blew a huge hole in it, well Davy was there, really I said but that doesn’t make him a Jonah though, yes as maybe but that is not the end of the story, do you remember when that team walked over the Command Wire IED and the ECM equipment started to go nuts and the attack tones were blaring out over the speaker, it was so loud that the commander heard it across the road and when he ran over to tape it on the Dictaphone he asked Davy when did that thing start to go mental, Davy replied oh quite a bit back the way, when they had plotted it out the team had actually walked over the top of the Command Wire IED, it was just shear luck that no one was on the other end of it or it would have been jam all over the road, Well yes I can see a pattern start to develop here I said, well add into that a few other Davy Jonah moments and his team had had enough, they actually got a petition together to get him out of their team as they thought with his run of bad luck it was only a matter of time before someone had a very bad day, I can see your point I replied, so what happened next I asked.
Well it’s funny you should say that, his teams petition worked as Davy was taken out of the team and put in the mess and was effectively banned from going out on the streets again, what a lucky bastard I said, you would think so mate came the reply, well you know we are short on the ground of bods and everyman jack counts out here, I had to reply yes as I knew we were short of personnel and what could possibly go wrong in a sanger, well as it would happen Davy was in sanger 3 when it got hit with machine gun fire last night, the CSM was in the ops room and buzzed up the sanger on the intercom, he asked who was in sanger 3 to which he heard the response it’s Pte Duncan Sir, Well Duncan can you see where the shots are coming from asked the CSM, NO replied Pte Duncan and why cant you see where the shots are coming from Private asked the CSM, well Sir responded Pte Duncan that would be because I am on the f****** floor Sir.
Well you guessed it mate the Jonah was also banned from going into the Sangers now as well
Or was he just incredibly smart?

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