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Always read the small print before you finally decide

You never know what pitfalls they are designed to hide

Like the side-effects which can be caused by a wonder drug

Or when some crafty swindler tries to take you for a mug

If you get a salesman knocking at your door

Just remember that you’ve heard it all before

“Look before you leap” should be your golden rule

This will ensure that no-one takes you for a fool

To make sure it’s not “a pig in a poke” you have bought

Now is the time to give it earnest thought

If you sign in a hurry it could seal your fate

If you think about it after, it could be too late

For there are many who try to do something under-hand

So always read the small print and make sure you understand

Take all the time you need to ensure everything is fine

Give it a lot of thought before you sign that dotted line

Ron Martin

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