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Life goes on from day today
We live our life the way we see
But always in the background
There but for him goes me
We think of things that might have been
But never came to much
And sometimes we will get irate
At even the smallest touch
Of a word that’s said in anger
Infinitesimally small
Was there any need for an upset
Not any need at all
Tho’ everyone’s got troubles
Troubles by the score
Where once they never worried
Now we worry evermore
From time to time we suffer loss
Of someone we hold dear
And wonder are we strong enough
For all the pain to bear
But most folk are resilient
Their torment they can share
With a friend they know will listen
And also truly care
About the way they think and feel
When filled with deep emotion
Patience that is endless
As well as deep devotion
For now as I read the words I write
To some, may seem meaningless
I think I’ve found the answer I want
To cure the feeling of STRESS.

Dennis Shrubshall

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