Something in the City

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He earned a hundred grand this year;
Some of it was bonus.
He works in the City.
Went there from University
Where he got a first
From studying Philosophy.
We’re not quite sure what he does;
Something with investments.
Whilst he’s doing nicely
He’s still seen as small fry.
There are people who he knows
Bringing in a million.
He hopes he’ll do that one day;
Just try standing in his way!
He reckons he’s a nice guy
Working hard within his field.
Looks at it all clinically;
Bugger the economy.
Everything is dog eat dog,
So he must play the game as well;
But he gives to charity,
It helps to clear his conscience.
Though he is a rising star
He knows his job is not secure,
But nothing else is anymore
And so he’ll try to keep his shirt
Not caring who he has to hurt.
She worked in a shoe shop;
Part of a National chain,
Now in administration
Because its share price fell.
A lot of its investors
Switched their shares for something else;
Resulting in commission
For people in the City
Who saw an opportunity
To engineer events
So they could earn some money.
She won’t get another job
And can’t support her family;
So being caught by dog eat dog
The world is now her enemy.
Yet those from University
Who have firsts in Philosophy
Need to make a living,
So they hope that she’s forgiving.

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