Some Nights

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Some nights I don’t sleep or slumber,
Try as I might I cannot go under,
Awake I stay, contemplating things,
Until my alarm clock stirs and dings,

Some nights I am still up late,
Not being able to sleep is something I Hate,
If only I had a job which allowed me to be,
Working from 11 until seven thirty,

Some nights I read a whole novel,
I finish just on the alarm bell,
Many books I have read late into the night,
If I try to sleep I put up a fight.

Some nights I dream again,
Of being chased, of been in pain,
Why I always have the same dream,
Running from dangers unseen.

Some nights falling is what I dream,
Every time it is the same scene,
Beside a huge tree, I fall and tumble
Then I hit the roots and leaves on the ground with a rumble,

One night I will tumble no more,
I will not dream of pain or being sore,
No more running in the night,
No more been stuck in a fight.

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