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Seasons are noticed in the countryside
Far more than a City or Town
As that is where one is nearest to Mother Nature
And is seen in the colour of her gown
In Winter she may wear a cloak of sheer White
With Silver tinges of Frost here and there
But this is the time when her Plants and Flowers may suffer
When not treated with infinite care
And slowly we move on to the approaching Spring
As gradually the climate may change
With Crocus and Snowdrops and Jonquils and Daffodils
Some of Natures extensive Range
As they nudge their way though the chilly soil
To get warmth and a glimpse of the Sun
Quite a lot of the trees are starting to show their buds
As though the run-up to Summer has begun
The Regal Camelia had blooms which have now faded and died
But her foliage remains shiny and proud
The trees that shelter the Flower beds from the wind
With a cloak of green are now richly endowed
And among them the stately Magnolia
Whose bloom life is short I must say
For as soon as they are showing in all of their glory
Gales force winds seem to blow them away
Then the first Roses open wide their pretty coloured heads
As tho’ to announce Summer’s now here, out loud.
With blooms of every imaginable colour
Enough to make any avid gardener proud
Even the grass is growing and changing
To a healthy shade of green
On the lawns that lay around the Flower beds
And the little paths in between

Mother Nature is now here in her glory
In a magnificent Gown of Gold
To match the endless hours of Sunlight
For the eye a wondrous sight to behold
The fruit on the trees are well formed now
As they ripen and become mature
Before the leaves that surround change from green to gold
To form an Autumnal scene demure
The life of the flowers has come to an end
They bow their heads and then seem ready to die
As the temperatures drop in the twilight
And the first hint of Frost is in the clearness of the sky
Dahlias and Fuchsias were in full bloom
Just a few days looking back
But suffer as victims to Winter’s first Frost
Overnight they wither and their heads turn Black
For it’s sad to witness this drastic change
That Mother Nature knows so well
As she draws a Winter Cloak around her
The Icy winds perhaps to repel
So it’s time now to prune the plants and shrubs
Remove all dead foliage too
Perhaps plants next Season’s Bulbs & Tubers in Tubs
So in the Spring their pretty heads will show through
The lawn has had it’s last Autumn trim
And the Flower Beds are turned for the last time
Now is the time for Mother Nature’s Children to sleep
Perchance to survive Winter’s chilly clime
‘Til once again with the advent of Spring
Along with the warm morning dew
There is evidence of new growth awakening
For Mother Nature’s early Floral Review.

Dennis Shrubshall

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