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I often sit and ponder the mysteries of life
I ask what the reason for so much unhappiness and strife
After a few minutes thought the answer comes to me
The answer is to be found in the decline of morality

I think back to the days of my youth
When life was based on honesty and truth
But the world in which we live is so different today
The morality that we knew has slowly slipped away

We are told that we need to show more respect
But what do politicians really expect
A few simple words will not alter the habits of this age
It will take more than would fill a foolscap page

A foolscap did I say, this is what politicians wear
They speak words that they think we would like to hear
But if they think that morality can come by legislation
Then sad to say there is no hope for our nation

Our only hope is to return to the standards of yesterday
When people lived their lives in a very different way
When children were taught respect from a very tender age
Built into their character and recorded on history’s page

We must hope that we have not left it too late
Otherwise no one will enjoy their inevitable fate
With no respect life will be hard to bear
With unhappiness and strife spreading everywhere

Ron Martin

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