Requiem When I am gone

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When I am gone,my many friends,
And those I loved so dear,
Don’t sit there with a woeful face
Or eyes so full of tear.
By all means shed a tear or two
Or maybe three or four.
For grief to quickly pass away
There has to be a door
.But do not dwell too long this way
All life must carry on
And too much time spent in the past
Will never make you strong

The body is a casket
For all our thoughts to grow
A means to help each other
And seeds anew to sow
Our brain to help the future
Will die when we are gone
But all we thought and all we taught
Will always carry on

So when you look back in the past
Remember I’m still there
There may not be a body
But my thoughts will fill the air

Robert John Ponting

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