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A warm breeze blows around the airport base
As the huge grey bird comes into land
It slowly stops then lowers the ramp
Where the coffins of brave soldiers stand

Each coffin is draped with the Union flag
Of the country they served so well
Their tour now over, their duty now done
No longer fighting in hell

The padre begins with an opening prayer
Now that the company has gathered around
They stand so still with eyes shut tight
In respect, they make no sound

All through the ceremony, they stand so proud
Each one of them holds back a tear
They listen in silence to the padre’s words
As he recalls each brave soldier’s career

Six pall bearers now stand by each coffin side
In respect they each bow their head
Then onto their shoulders they lift them up high
As they start to repatriate their dead

Slowly and steadily one by one
They’re taken onto the plane
The lone bugler plays ‘The Last Post’
This memory will always remain

The huge bird takes off to the skies once more
Dipping a wing in final salute
The soldiers on ground return with such pride
For their fellow soldier’s repatriation tribute

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