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Our respect is boundless, our hearts filled with pride
But saddness gathers round us, as we remember those left behind
Our Comrades who fell into life’s darkness, stand forever erect above
Straight and true today, as those we knew and loved

Their victory over death would bring hope to all mankind
The price they paid was absolute, so remember them with pride
Carry their glorious Standard forward with your head held high
Remembering in our hearts and minds our dead will never die

Today life is clouded by those who do not show
Understanding or tolerance, the things we all should know
Our Comrades of the glorious past must watch and wonder why
Has the human cost of freedom been forgotten as time goes by

So now remember those who sent us on our way
Without their sacrifice we would not have a life today
Their legacy is one of pride, hope and justice for all
We all carry their baton, just don’t let it fall

Russell J Carr

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