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Reflections of love on a summer’s day,
A shoal of fish, a flock of birds,
Moving together in perfect unison,
The hovering hawk as he swoops to kill!
The dancing leaves blowing down the lane,
A toadstool ring in a woodland glade.
A man stops digging and leans on his spade,
Chattering starlings sitting in a tree,
Reminding us of how we used to be!
The fox stops dead in its tracks,
Frozen in fear on a dusky night.
Swooping swallows return to the eaves.
The dawn chorus wakes us yet once again,
A nightingale sings on a summers day.
Rain patters down on the old tin roof that shelters the lovers.
A crimson sunset setting over a calm still lake,
A flash of blue swift as an arrow,
Kingfisher or dragonfly?
The river flows like rippling silk,
On its journey to the sea.
A Chinese junk sits on the horizon,
Another world lies under the sea,
And many more in the starry skies.
The miracle of life in a newborn cry,
The comfort of friendship pours from an open door.
The choir harmonises and the orchestra plays,
The singer’s soul is in his song,
The dancer leaps with an easy grace,
And men will always run the race!

Margaret Pedley

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