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I used to live a quiet life in fields of rolling green
On lushest grass, and good things I was fed
Our herd once formed a major part of every rural scene
But now we’re shoved together in a shed

I used to love to chew the cud for hours in my field
I was at one with nature, and with God
Our herd now lives in pens and that is where our fate was sealed
And fed pellets which, to say the least, taste odd

I used to give my milk with pride to people with warm hands
(Although I never saw my children grow…)
Our herd gave freely of themselves; we had a bond with man
But now, machines are clamped to us you know

I used to view the vet with awe, he tended us with care
Curing our ills, delivering each calf
Our herd became a T.V. joke when he became a star
And where he shoved his arm – O! What a laugh

I used to be the calmest of all creatures, as you know
But now, (through what they’ve done) they say I’m mad
Our herd is due for slaughter, just to keep the status quo;
Well, compared to life with man, that’s not so bad……

Terry Alexander

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