PLUTOcratic Oath

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Walt Disney swears he was not GOOFYng off
In giving Mickey Mouse a mongrel pet
No words couldst spout and bark resembled cough
Compared to talking hound ‘when paired duet’
Downgraded hath become (as twas namesake)
A ‘Toon Town’ silent part; without refrain
When dwarfed by bigger stars (inferred mistake)
Then banished out from ‘Planets’ with disdain
Now time has come, once more I’m on world stage
As ‘New Horizons’ dawn beyond what’s known
Perchance will reassess (reverse outrage)
By bringing in from cold (hath toss’d a bone)
Tho ‘Gustav Holst’ composed without footnote
Twas oversight for sure – (“I’m so remote”)

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