Paying Respects.

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Soon comes the day,
When we pay our respects,
To the memory of the Services,
Our feelings reflect,
The loss and the sorrow,
Of loved ones passed by,
A glimpse of a life,
A tear in our eye.

Memories honed,
To remember a face,
A young life measured,
Sometime and some place,
Paying the homage,
The glory won’t fade,
Explaining to young children,
The sacrifice made.

Then comes the time,
Allotted to this,
Floral tributes,
Laid with a kiss,
Crosses and pictures,
Taken before,
That last time we saw you,
When you walked through the door.

That captured last moment,
Remains in our mind,
The pride when we mention you,
We always find,
Though it might hurt,
And it always will,
There’s a place in our hearts,
Only you can fill.

Alan Gower

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