Palatable View

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Blue green sphere of wispy white, with background dark, enhances phase
Moon rock underneath my feet, I gaze with wondrous look serene
Through Giant’s leap humanity appears, insignificant in view
Yet ingenuity of mind, has made progression Heavenward

Our spirits soar on flames of power released, projection to be made
With hopes that sally forth, in search of answers to our dream
If we that seek our origins, amongst the stars that shine so bright
Doth look for truth inside our hearts, a path lit sure will show the way

No weight bears down as I walk free, no burden holds enthral
Perchance to start afresh, released from Earth’s iniquity
Mankind projects a worldly view of secular pursuits therein
Whilst standing here there is no doubt, our home and all belongs to Him

Richard Gildea

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