Over the Top

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What happened?

A few seconds ago,

I answered the call,

Over the top we went so,

One and all,

Young and older,

Men and boys,

Shoulder to shoulder,

A few paces forward,

Bullets are flying,

Young and older,

Falling, dying,

Blood on my tunic,

Splashing my face,

God help me to get out of this place.

Boots stuck in mud,

No sprinting here,

I’ll die in this place,

This is my fear,

More blood on me now,

But different again,

This time I feel it,

The terror of pain.

What happened?

That few seconds ago,

There’s no way back,

To the life that I know,

Here I will lie,

Until I am found,

Here in the glory,

Of blood soaked ground

The warmth leaves my body,

Eventide caresses my face,

It seems a long time,

To die in this place,

But that few seconds ago,

It was a different shout,

Who started this war?

What’s it all about?

Alan Gower

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