One Percent Human

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One day my life was left behind, consigned to death’s unanswered door,
Of plans I’d made, until such time, no longer seemed to make much sense
I wondered what may lay ahead, just what existence had in store
When faced with tragic circumstance, projections paled, in my defence

My human form appeared the same when viewed within normality
From whence I came to where I’m gone, was all determined come what may
My countenance betrayed not me but that which others came to see
If truth be known I’d passed away, gone ninety nine percent astray

A long road back I’ve travelled since, when picking up some pieces found
Gathering from near and far the remnants spread upon the ground
Then one day to my surprise, my ailing heart which feigned demise
Had shown to this once troubled mind, deficiencies percentage wise

Richard Gildea

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