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I always thought that growing old
Together, we’d have time
To do the things we’d always planned
When we were in our prime

But life is never like we hope
Sometimes it is just cruel
It carries sentiments along
Then treats you like a fool

So suddenly you find yourself
Short-winded when you rush
Your energy at lowest ebb
Just when you need to push

It does at least have some rewards
A chance to stop and rest
To re-charge empty batteries
And help to look your best

But oh what joy old age can bring
With children by your side
Surrounded by your family
Who fill your heart with pride

With luck you have your memories
A treasured golden store
But tell your children sparingly
And don’t become a bore

Before you get the final call
That makes your blood run cold
Take stock of all the things you have
All learnt whilst getting old

Old age can be a blessing
Or it can be a curse
But friends you must remember
The alternative is worse

Don Holmes

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