Oh Come To Me

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Come to me in the darkest night
When Moon doth shed its beaming light
As gone the harshness of the day
Stars in Heaven come out to play.

Oh come and share my deepest dream
As sunlight on a mountain stream
On my return from distant lands
To take you loving by the hand.

Now we can share in happy dreams
Though life is false, not all it seems
We walk with joy in lovers land
Through whisper waves and soft white sand.

To gather shell on pebble shore
And share our love for evermore
I’ll whisper love into your ear
And kiss away that salty tear.

I’ll listen to your tales of woe
Comfort you when your dark fears grow
Brush away your furrowed brow
Assure you that you’re quite safe now.

Oh visit me in deepest dream
On the bank of silvered stream
Beneath God’s starry sky above
Where evermore we’ll share our love.

Leslie de la Haye

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