Off to War

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I’m off to war but not just me; England France and Germany,
Leaving our homes, maybe for good,
My family say go but I’m not sure I should,
I thought for a while, and here’s my conclusion,
I’m going to war, my head in confusion,
Wave goodbye one last time, now off to war,
I hate to see killing, fighting and gore,
Caught up with my troops, were on our way,
Marching through mountains, through night and through day,
We arrive at the battlefield, hundreds are dead,
Questions and answers run through my head,
Like who would have done this? And how did they die?
No matter how hard, I didn’t know why,
The sergeant is calling, were under attack,
I want to retreat, but I can’t go back,
Grab my weapon; it’s like certain death,
But for some, this will be their last breath.

Meagan Stokes

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