My Apologies

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This morning I saw a pair of Magpies,
It means Joy, honest no lies,
I hope that this will mean
Laughter in our house will again be seen.

I Love you with all my heart,
My heart breaks when the shouting starts,
I wish sometimes we both could stand back,
And realise that we shouldn’t be having a crack.

I am sorry for all that I said,
I should get someone to test my head,
I never want to hurt you, or see you cry,
When it happens I curse inside and want to die.

Why oh why do we do this to ourselves,
Maybe I should busy myself putting up shelves,
But if I started to do that every time we fight,
Shelving space would be the least of our plights.

I am truly sorry we had a barny,
The reason behind it as always seems Barmy ,
What I will try and do is be a better person for you,
I hope you can see it in your heart to try too.

When I come home tonight I would like a big Hug,
Then you can look at my teary eyes and call me a mug,
We can say sorry for all things mean,
And start again fresh and clean.

I hope you get this before I walk in the door,
Or I’m sure when I get there, me you will ignore.
We shouldn’t argue, We shouldn’t fight,
I’m sure when we work it all out you were quite right.

Chris Duncan

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