My anger reaches deep down into my soul

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My anger reaches deep down into my soul
I can feel it burning and consuming all I am
To be calm and well adjusted is my goal
To realise some people do give a damn

I feel like inside I am a supernova
The warmth, like lava spreads everywhere
The heat building until it has to boil over
Only approach me if you dare.

The anger eventually solidifies within me
Like a giant iron cast, my soul becomes heavy again
From the depths a nucleus of molten metal can you see
Is ready to burst forth again, its power insane

The hairs on my arms waves too and fro
Reacting to the pulsing, rushing blood
As it washes through the body in full flow
A pressure pounding in my head with a thud

One day it will finally consume me totally
I will be come a raging uncontrollable beast
I hope none of my loved ones will be around to see
Or be affected by me at least

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