Moving Time

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My daughter asked if we would help them view a flat.
It was in Lee Green,
somewhere in South London I had never been.

Getting there was slow.
The traffic had to funnel
from three lanes into two
to get it through the tunnel.

The flat was very spacious with garden and a basement.
It had enormous ceilings,
sash windows, none were casement.

It seemed a hefty price. The street was very nice.
But there was competition
and if they do not get it I’m sure there will be others.

We walked around the district.
Large impressive houses, some of it was new build, many flat conversions.
Lots of green, the place was clean.

Area, full of yuppies, leading to Blackheath,
the other side of Greenwich.
Full of little trendy shops interspersed with restaurants.

Many people in the street;
most of them were youngsters racing up the ladder.
Not the world I’m used to; might as well have been abroad.

Still, my daughter must move on.
I admire them for their pluck
and I wish them best of luck.

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