Lest We Forget

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Lest we forget the bold and the brave
Who gave their lives for their country
They sent their sons and daughters too
To fight the wars for us to be free
Gave us faith to understand why!
So many brave people had to die
Whether on land, at sea, in the air
To help keep our homeland forever.

Our lord who gave his life for mankind
And those brave men of the Forces good and true
They fought for freedom for us all to know
They fought giving loved ones time and sorrow
To ease the pain of many loved ones too
For their memories live on in their hearts
Either it be on land or at sea or in the air
Let us never forget them in our prayers

Oh blessed Jesus let our voices cry out
For all of those people who gave their lives
From all of those wars especially one and two
DG Falklands and of those in Ireland too.
They died at the hands some of them friends
For they believed on day that peace would reign
We will remember them YES that we will.
They gave their lives so we all would be free.

R Duncan

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