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A Jewel – sparkling rare
Amid vast
And potent seas
Upon this stone
Quite set alone
A Lion – made of Four
But none – Not yet
Had ever seen
Nor heard
This Lion roar

At best it sleeps
And while it may
No tales of valiant deeds

But first
Before this rhyme unfold
The Lions death
As yet – not done
From the Heart – be told

A Heart needs Eyes that smile
And scan for troubles
A Voice to call for harmony
Or Roar
The Battle Cry

And should a battle loom
Our Eyes – turn red with rage
The Voice will boom
Set all
About one page

The beating Heart is England
Make raise us from the floor
Fortify for Battle
Raise Voice and Sight to score
For any conflict rightly done
Both Tooth and Claw

In Peace the Lion sentinel
See all about it
The Heart grant time
Put wrong to right
And Honour Irish guile
We need those Eyes
In Emerald
To fashion us – to smile

That Voice now croons
So strong – so sweet
In harmony doth glide
Amid the Valleys – Broad and green
Welsh voices – filled with pride

Trouble struck this Island Jewel
Twas 1939
The Eyes were set
To save our Jewel
And loose – the Lion freed
Let slip to fight – to do or die
But Never – to heel – Concede

The Heart was strong
But not yet fit
The Nazi thug
Chomps – at the bit

What more was there
From which to draw
Backs full against the wall
Brave Scotland came
Bared Tooth and Claw
Made enemies to fall

Kilts swaying to a pipers call
All rallied to the beat
The Lionheart now readied
The Four – will March

We struggled hard
The fearless Four
The Voice of Wales
The Irish Eyes
The Scots with tooth and claw
But England great outnumbered sought
For More
And more and more

Dear God…..
And Commonwealth
Do aid us into War
Lionheart – now set to fight
Hear us Roar

Alas – the bond – it seems
May sorrowfully change
The Lion miss
A dear old friend
Reduced – to lesser range

Do not despair remaining Three
Time left – so ask – so plea
To Scots – we Four – United still
Through Peace and Hellish War
Let not – the Lion Separate
Remain – Our Tooth – Our Claw

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