inner demons

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I was just sittin thinkin, bout this an that
makin up stuff just chewin the fat
bout dragons n demons n ghosts n ghouls
bout kings n princes n jesters n fools
bout the fire in the eyes n the strength in the arm
n bout how gallant the knight n villains doin harm
but as I sit here lookin myself in the eye
my angels been smothered be my own devils cry
I cant have these feelings goin through my head
bout slamming down axes and wanting folk dead
but as I think more a smile grows on my face
and a yearning in my head takes my consciences’ place
I’ve watched them all a hundred of times
with the volume switched off all dying in mimes
but I wont cause I cant but I would if I could
cause I know they deserve it and they know that I should
but I know ill get caught so I sit here and drool
about what I could do with demons, dragons and ghouls

Charles Savage

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