In Loving Memory

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Scented candles softly burning
Round a shrine for all to see
The centre, a picture of a hero
Stands in loving memory

A single tear runs down her cheek
As she dusts the photo frame
Through her tears she whispers
‘I wish I could see you again’

She kisses her fingers, then touches the photo
Of the hero smiling back at her
She longs to hold him once again
But her hero is no longer there

He was a soldier, strong and proud
Deployed to a place in the sand
For the good of mankind, he fought for peace
In a war torn far distant land

He’d been out one day, patrolling a town
When God called for him to come home
An explosive device, that’s all it took
Her soldier would never had known

The call came early one morning
Two officers knocked on her door
As soon as she saw them, she knew in her heart
What it was they were calling for

At that very moment, time stood still
As the words rang round in her head
They must be mistaken, it cannot be true
Her hero, they’re saying is dead

Numb with shock, stricken with grief
She fell to the floor in a heap
Reality hit like a lightening bolt
The pain in her heart so deep

Mourners came to pay their respects
As the funeral corsage passed by
The sun it shone for her hero that day
Not a cloud could be seen in the sky

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