Imminent Danger

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Awaiting words of drawn conclusion, mortal time may be expired
Sitting here without illusion, predicament I’m now consigned
Unaware of end game nigh, I look back fondly heave a sigh
If I had known demise so soon, perchance my path would wind elsewhere

No trivia of tame pursuit nor anguished state of mind
No wasteful empty argument persuasion sought of conscience clear
No saving for a rainy day whilst searching out the sun.
Just warmth filled hours when you were mine, a blessing come what may

When time is called above all else, your word and plan I will adhere
Allotted span we each have wrought, celestial draft for future tense.
Awareness of the Kingdoms rule, ancestral tree has precedent
Short extension plea request, affairs in order, family kind

Procedure shows not in good nick, a miracle my heart doth tick
This time will soon upon us fall, hark ye to my warning call
Innings of the essence now as shadowed boundary length is sought
Play straight bat on declaration, your turn now I’ve had my lot

Richard Gildea

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