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Look in the Mirror and what do you see
Is a stranger before your eyes
If you stare ahead with determined look
Is it someone you recognise
Do you watch in despair
As you comb your hair
Perhaps turn your head to one side
Is this the image you saw before
When upset you broke down and cried
Did you feel you could ask for comfort
Perhaps a shoulder to cry on now and again
Did the image in the glass ever change
When you seemed to be in great pain
All these thoughts pass your mind each morning
In the bathroom as you come into view
Are you still looking there at a stranger
And is she still looking at you
Or do you notice there’s gradual change day by day
In her eyes can yopu sense there is love
Or is there divine intervention
From someone watching above
Something has changed in the pattern
And now you can easily tell
THat after your tears and worries
You seem to have broken the spell
That bound you and your image in the bathroom
With the person you tried not to be
And now it seems you are you once again
Happy and fancy free
To enjoy your life as you did in the past
Without a worry or care
And you can now stand in front of the mirror
And not see the other image there

Dennis Shrubshall

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