I’m Sorry

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Kept stored away under lock and key
Were her soldier’s final words
Unopened, unread, until such time
They needed to be heard

As she held the crisp white envelope
Her tears she could not hide
Her fingers trembled as she revealed
The letter sealed inside

Unfolding the pages, she took a moment
To find strength and regain her composure
Then, with her hand on her heart she began to read
The final words from her soldier

They read… “I’m sorry mum if you’re reading these words
But I was told to write them you see,
They’re just to say, I will always love you
If the worst should happen to me”

“I’m sorry I put you through all this
All the worry and pain you’ve been through
I’m sorry that I couldn’t come home
If I could, you know I would do”

“I’m sorry I can’t give you one last kiss
Or have one last conversation
But be proud of the sacrifice I made
In honour of our nation”

“I’m sorry mum, my family and friends
For having to leave you this way
I’m up here in Heaven, and I promise you all
I’ll come back to see you one day”

“Please do not mourn for the rest of your life
Instead remember me with pride
No matter what happens, you’ll never be alone
For I’ll always be by your side”

With love, always, your soldier son xxx

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