I find my self loosing ground

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I find myself loosing ground,
Things getting on top of me,
The end no where to be found,
Then I have a word or a cuddle with thee.

In time it all works out,
These things get sorted and done,
My worries were for Nowt,
We then have some time for fun.

But then something else comes to a head,
We start to worry about it again,
There are times I wish I could just stay in bed,
We get this also sorted but then…

We get through this strife,
Each and every time,
The ups and downs of life,
We have each other, we will be fine.

To you I owe much,
My life without you is hard to comprehend,
I always warm to your gentle touch,
I will be with you, loving to the end.

Chris Duncan

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