I am really bored today!

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I am really bored today!
They perished so we can be bored.

The kids look beautiful when they’re asleep.
They lost their futures so your children can be safer.

I just can’t put this book down.
They were de-humanised so you can read what you like.

I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you.
They drowned in the mire so you can say what you want.

Why must we argue so much.
They were blown apart so you can disagree.

I’m not going to vote for them again!
They died alone in agony so you can challenge
authority without the fear of a knock on the
door in the middle of the night.

Freedom is not ‘happy ever after’.
It’s ordinary things we take for granted.

They died for it.

Everyday is Remembrance Day.

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