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I am one of the government statistics
The total they all want to hid
Information about veterans suffering
Also those Veterans who died

I don’t mean those killed in war
I know these figures are true
I mean the men and the women
The loyal veterans like me or you

The ones who like us fight night and day
The ones like us that cry and hide away
The ones that couldn’t take anymore
These are the ones that died

Our lives, we would have given
For this country, we all know is true
But why do so many take their lives
Veterans just like me or you

PTSD is hard but something that is harder
Is to admit to all around just what’s wrong
Its better to talk to those who care and know
Before all the good memories are gone

My life is in turmoil because of all this
And all help has got nowhere with me
I know that some day I’ll find something
That might help and set me free.

I have been on the brink of destruction
I have even considered my death
One question for the government in power
Would you care if this was my last breath

Kenny Shand

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