G’day sport

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Now Australia is a land far far away
” down under!” to us in the U K
It’s part of the Antipodes
Or so I’ve heard people say
In the southern Hemisphere
Though I’m not sure what they are
I only know you go by Sea or Fly
‘cos you won’t get there by car
Now the men might just say to you
G’day Sport howya doing today
Wudja like a tube of Foster’s
To take your thirst away
And with a throat as dry as a “Dingo’s donker”
“ Thanks mate” is about all you can say
Now the “Sheila’s” look alright to me
Especially when they smile
But if you tell them you’re a “Pommie B”
They’re like to run a mile
Occasionally you will see the Aborigine
And mostly doing menial tasks
Then when he’s finished working
A couple of beers is all he asks
The Dingo’s are in the “outback”
And Wallabies and Kangaroos
They don’t respect the human race
And lead the life they choose
Now if you’re sitting on the Verandah
Sipping an ice cold beer
There’s pretty birds and Koala Bears
But they never venture too near
Now if it’s nice & hot and you fancy a change
Get yourself down to Bondi Beach
Where lots of sun-tanned Ladies in Bikinis
Make sure they keep out of reach
So if you happen to be in Australia
Enjoy every day as best you can
And say “Hi Cobber” to the next person that passes in the Street
Cos it might be a bl!!!!dy Englishman

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