“Gawd Bless Her”

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In privilege she was high born, with sibling Sister at her knee
Blissful private tutoring brought knowledge and a sense of fun
Our ‘Lillibet’ in childhood days, so happy and it seemed carefree
Responsible, with duty sensed, of what may lie ahead ‘for one’

Uncle Ed, as was his wont, had dabbled with Ms.Wallis S
Questions raised in Parliament as to the proper course to take
A Socialite and Divorcee had somehow caused undue distress
Reform of constitution law, if King should choose his wife to make

Gauntlet thrown, perchance picked up and placed upon her hand a ring
Commoners did vent their wrath, ne’er countenanced the match besot
The King hence forth became a Duke and Duke somehow became the King
Old York, now Grand and in his stead, poor Windsor tied himself in Knots

With war at hand the nation turned unto ‘Liege Lord’, (a Beau for ‘Lyon’)
Princess ‘Acting Subaltern’ did drive the fears away, no flit
‘The Monarchy’ had stood their ground and subjects knew they could rely on
In final year as conflict raged ‘Our Lillibet’ she did her bit

Peaceful years did then ensue with hope ahead of futures bright
This Sceptered Isle when brought to knees, endured to tell the tale anew
A price was paid in health of King with many more a sorry sight
“Our Lillibet’ assumed the throne, now Queen and Wife, a Mother too

A Son of Greece stole her away and plighted of his troth ensured
Years aplenty to unfold before poor Charles the Crown doth take
With offspring ‘Blue of Blood’ then blessed, by numbers four the line secured
‘Investiture’ for Prince of Wales prepared to follow on, “but when for pity’s sake”

‘Lady Di’ fair stole our hearts and ‘Heir’ apparently his too
A fairytale they did live out, with tragic consequence for all
The Nation mourned, two Sons forlorn, the “Family” did pay their due
Through ‘Wills and Kate’ we celebrate, Prince Harry yet to make the call

Years have passed “Annus Horribillis” and of course joy to behold
‘Grand offspring’ her bounty now, a legacy of ‘Reign Supreme’
Jubilees have come and gone, one Silver lined, of one pure Gold
Diamond oh so near at hand, “Our Lillibet” in ‘Majesty’ will always be “Our Queen”

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