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Winters day as dusk paints the sky; Children chase the ball, eyes adjusting to the light
Shouts of friendship fill the air!

Down along the path to sadness, heartache and sorrow

Spread abreast across the field, senses heightened nerves wound taut.

Rush of air, lifted from the ground arching as I fall
Ears throbbing, tasting soil, nostrils full of acrid scent

Violent shaking deep inside, relief, reproach, remiss of thought

Pain extinguished put on hold, mental reflex kicking in
Through clouds of dust and spoil, a sight too much to bear

Body spread beyond my reach, gather and shape some kind of form
Suddenly aware watching every move, eyes locked together in knowing

Slowly glazing over in despair of my life preserving effort

Roar of rage suppressed inside; tear ducts dried hard with no release

Shouts from the right, brought back to focus
What now? Is living just too much!

Menace in the shouts of hate meant for us

Let me lay him to rest, say some words!
No time, lest we join him in repose

Pain returns to sear through thoughts of mind

Grouped together a race for life, do not look back for your future lies there!

Richard Gildea

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