Frightened To Dream

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Don’t let me fall into slumber
And dream once again of the girl
Who gave me her telephone number
Then sent my poor heart in a whirl

Don’t let me fall into that sleep
Where fiction appears to be fact
The place where she says she will keep
Her promise to live by our pact

It pains me to enter that place
Where everything seems to be right
Where I can kiss her sweet face
We’re happy and don’t need to fight

No don’t let the dreamworld develop
Don’t let the nightmare begin
Her arms will reach out to envelop
To fool me and beg me come in

Deep in the shadows I’ll see her
She’ll smile and walk to my side
I’ll swear that I really can feel her
It will make my glad heart fill with pride

How cruel to wake from this slumber
And know that it was only a lie
My heart and my mind will be number
Unable to take her goodbye

So don’t let me fall into slumber
Set me free and banish the pain
Time to move on from the heartache
Start living and loving again

Don Holmes

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